Success stories

With our broad range of high technology products, integrated solutions and services, Tyneso has won widespread acclaim and is considered a reliable, secure and efficient partner. As a result, Tyneso is able to meet the complex needs of all its customers.

You can discover the thoughts of our satisfied customers in the next section.

Dagmar Decramer
Operations Manager
Club Brugge

“In 2011 we decided to modernise our IT network. Tyneso nearly met our stipulation that the digital work environment should be made more efficient and economical. They provided us with a total solution – a glass fibre network divided into various virtual networks, a private cloud, a wireless network, network-controlled telephony (VoIP), software and hardware delivery – so that we as a football team can all consult our data anywhere in the world, for example to analyse a game.

All our software is on servers in the highly secure Tyneso data centre, so that every employee has access, always, everywhere and quickly, to his personalised work environment. A Tyneso employee comes by weekly, so there’s a fast response in the event of any problems.

SLAs are observed. We always get a fast response from Tyneso. Club Brugge chose Tyneso, a reliable IT advisor that always works along with us and follows up on our IT-related matters.

Koen Van Bogaert
Solution Support Architect

“In 2012 Fidea became a standalone insurance company. The demand for the development of an entirely new and own IT infrastructure imposed itself. After a thorough selection procedure, our choice fell on Tyneso as an IT partner. They were ordered to set up an infrastructure and to arrange the migration from the old to the new environment. Within 6 months this overall project (hardware, office software, a new fiber optic connection, Wi-Fi throughout the building, IP telephony, servers and video conferencing) was realized.

In doing so, they took into account the fact that Fidea previously was a company within a bigger financial group and the directives of their regulatory authorities. We had high expectations in terms of infrastructure, hosting and security. Tyneso however, managed to deliver everything perfectly on time.

Even now, two year after the release, they still guarantee professional support, such as we’ve experienced during the migration project. The agreed SLAs are respected without exception.

Tyneso excels in a hands-on mentality, a very flexible approach and a swift and customer oriented service within the agreed procedures. Tyneso doesn’t only meet our demands but they also offer alternatives with an effective added value. After two and a half years, we’re still convinced that we chose the right ICT partner.”

Franky Van Gijsel
Financial Manager, HR & Administration

“As a consulting firm specialised in assisting shareholders of listed and unlisted companies, Deminor has two major value parameters, the grey cells of its employees and the binary cells of its IT network.

With Tyneso, Deminor has found the IT partner it was looking for: a young and motivated team of dynamic IT specialists who understand what we want and know how to follow up on our demanding needs.

Their flexibility and the fact that they respond quickly constitute an undisputed added value for Deminor.”

Geert Martens
Chief Operations Officer

“A number of years ago our company relocated from Wommelgem to Edegem. Tyneso installed our IT infrastructure and applications, from fibre internet, data backup in their data centre, a virtual work environment by means of a private cloud, IP telephony, and switches to appropriate, reliable IT security. The relocation went flawlessly. In one weekend Tyneso moved all the servers, finished the new network and started it up so that the inconvenience for our employees was minimal.

Thanks to the IP telephone system we no longer use a standard telephone exchange or subscription; we telephone via the internet. It’s a handy application in our international setting. We ring our employees in Chicago and Shanghai internally, easily and free of charge. We save quite a lot on our external telephone costs.

Recently we updated our infrastructure security with Kaspersky so that we are protected against all sorts of cyberattacks internally and for mobile access on our entire IT system. This is a very advantageous solution for our sector, where a great deal of work is done with modern devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc., from various locations.

We’re tremendously satisfied with the collaboration with Tyneso and their prevailing no-nonsense communication, which results in a direct and fast response.”

Annemie Gieraerts
Office Manager
VVGB Avocats

“At our law firm, situated in the centre of Brussels, a high performance network is very important: e-mail and internet are essential working tools enabling our lawyers to work, communicate, and share information in an efficient way.Tyneso has been our ICT partner for years. A Tyneso technician regularly comes on site, but we also rely on their services via web support.

For us it is essential to have IT issues solved as soon as possible: Tyneso can often do so via a remote control session in taking over the screen of one of our staff members. This must be done in a time efficient way for the lawyer. We appreciate the fact their support is done in a professional way, yet with a personal touch.”

Imelda Maertens
Transport Maertens & Co

“Several years ago our company experienced sudden and substantial growth. From 1500 m2 we expanded to 6000 m2. That also had its effect on our IT infrastructure. It was being managed amateurishly. One of the consequences was that our transport programs only ran on older versions of Windows. We needed a professional partner to steer our IT in the right direction. Moreover we required that this partner would be available day and night, because as a transport company, our server and e-mail have to work around the clock.

We selected Tyneso because they made a good and economical proposal. Admittedly, we made things difficult. But Tyneso always came up with solid solutions in this demanding case. And to my great satisfaction I note that they had to make fewer and fewer service calls in the past year. Proof that we chose the right IT partner with the right solution.”