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Cloud Computing

The differences between our cloud-solutions easily explained by Intel.

Are you willing to invest in a modern and flexible technology? And are you ready to bring your business to the cloud with Tyneso? Use our pay-per-use principle: a model that is continuously adaptable to your business.

Image - Private cloud
  • Private cloud

    A fully protected cloud

    The groundbreaking Private Cloud offers you the benefits of virtualization, such as high performance, security and ease of use. The Private Cloud can be fully focused on all your (business) needs.

Image - Public cloud
  • Public cloud

    Unconditional scalability

    A simple expansion of your IT-infrastructure without any own investments. The Public Cloud is flexible, cost-effective and with Tyneso you are assured of the best quality.

Image - Cloud with multiple devices
  • Hybrid cloud

    An extension to cloud for complex applications

    By combining the Public and Private Cloud, the benefits in both models are optimally utilized. The Hybrid Cloud is a viable solution for every company.