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Managed Services ensure a higher availability of your IT infrastructure and, on the other hand, ensure predictable and lower total costs.

What does your IT cost today? Do you count all invoices for hardware, software and interventions? Do you count the time you lose in the event of your IT infrastructure failing? Time when you and your employees can not work and maybe try to solve problems yourself? Do you want to limit your downtime to a minimum and focus on running your business?

We provide pro-active services. Preventing problems before they manifest, that is what Tyneso services are all about. Thanks to our proactive worries, your systems continue to perform optimally. In case of problems you can count on a quick intervention of our IT service desk, remote or onsite. In this way we guarantee you minimal impact in case of faults.

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  • Managed Services

    Your trusted Managed Service partner

    Tyneso specializes in Managed Services and IT-outsourcing and we offer integrated solutions and services that fit into a complex IT environment. Our approach is to provide quality services, tailored specifically to each enterprise.

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  • IT Service desk

    An adequate treatment for your IT issues

    97% of incoming calls are answered within 30 seconds and immediately treated appropriately. 98% of the problems are solved remotely, and that’s why the impact on your organization is always limited.

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  • Print Services

    Printer solutions for easy (mobile) printing

    We are committed to being your print partner and expert print source. We offer custom print and technology solutions for all types of businesses. Tyneso optimizes printmanagement in all environments.